This is my personal notebook for cool and almost cool things related to ITSec.



This project is based on NodeMCU board. It's running on ESP8266 chip which perfectly fits basic requirements for affordable and flexible deployment of "inteligence" into your home. Modules are capable of creating WiFi network (connectig to existing Wireless network and creating AP simultanously). They are registering to Control Server which can check state of their inputs, set output state, upload new configuration and even update their firmware.


Control Server for ESP-Module

This is a work-in-progress version of Control Server which can control and manage ESP-Modules. The idea is to give user a possibility to instlal this apllication on some small device like Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone.


Who Am I

They call me Tomasz Nowakowski. I'm a security guy. I do a network assessment, network and web applications penetration tests. I'm a security consultant for DevOps. System administrator when needed and full time IT Architect. I also mess up with code...

You can read more about my career and experience on my LinkedIn profile.